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Direct from the museum’s archives is this recently published book of correspondence to and from Annie Oakley and Frank Butler.   This book also  includes  correspondence  from family members, acquaintances, and famous celebrities such as Buffalo Bill Cody.  The letters are illustrated in the book with a photograph of the letter, a transcript, and a notation by the editor.  The last dated letter featured is one sent to Frank from Annie on October 21, 1926 which was about three weeks before her death.


Another section of the book concerns her trials and tribulations over the lawsuits she filed in order to restore her reputation.  Erroneous newspaper articles were published about her by the Hearst Corporation in the early 1900s that sought to destroy her reputation.  She filed more than fifty lawsuits and won all but one of them.  However, she never collected all of the judgments that were awarded to her.  She spent more than she recovered in monetary terms but for Annie, it was all about restoring her reputation.


This from Marilyn Robbins, the editor-“It never ceases to amaze me how much I have been able to learn about Annie Oakley at the Garst Museum. Editing and publishing these books have been an inspiration to me.  If you enjoyed The Autobiography of Annie Oakley (2006) and Frank Butler, the Man Behind the Woman (2008) then I predict you will enjoy this volume also.”


The book measures 8 1/2” by 11”.  It is a soft-cover coil bound book containing 132 pages with photographs and published in July, 2014, by The Darke County Historical, Society, Inc.

Personal Pages from Annie Oakley & Frank Butler

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