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Darke County Research Center

The Darke County Research Center is an excellent place to look for your family history or just do historical research. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you. Email requests are accepted at

Resources: The Museum's Research Center offers the following sources to help in your research. Marriage and death records, probate, census, church, and military records plus many newspaper articles.

Darke County's Historic Events

What began as the Western-most edge of the American Frontier has played host to many historic events that have shaped our community...county...state...nation and world. Explore our history and then plan to visit the Garst Museum where you can see and feel the echoes of our past.

Darke County's Historic People

From world-recknowned performers to military heroes, Darke County has contributed many interesting people to our world. Please take a few minutes to explore the brief biographies and accomplishments of our local heroes and plan to visit the Garst Museum to experience each of their stories.

Darke County History

From the earliest eras of American History to the modern events of today, Darke County has always been an innovative part of the American Experience reflecting the hard working people that comprise our nation. Learn more about our the cross-cultural heritage that has helped this community brave the winds of change and succeed at times when others did not.

Relics of the Past

Relics from the past can teach us a great deal in the hands of someone who can read the details. Garst Museum has a collection of artifacts from the encampment of Anthony Wayne and his legion. Native American metal, stone and other implements are also featured.

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