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Published in February , 2018 this is the fifth in a series of books compiled and edited by Marilyn Robbins.  The book is broken into three sections: Stories By or About Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, and Stories from Frank E. Butler During His Time Working at the United Metallic Company. Articles and interviews with and about Annie and Frank from both local media and the greater world media have been selected for the reader’s enjoyment.  Find out what happened when Annie shot both a seagull and a shark while traveling on a steamer out of Brunswick, Georgia.  Was Frank able to break comedian, Will Rogers, of his chewing gum habit?  Frank told many  “tall tales” during his travels and sometimes would send these tales to the local papers. In one tale, he out swims an alligator until… , well, you will just need to read it to believe it!


The softbound book measures 8.5” by 11”, contains 64 pages, and many photos from within The National Annie Oakley Center located at Garst Museum.  The black and white photos just don’t do justice to what you would see in person.

One or Two Eyes Open? Notes and Quotes from Annie Oakley & Frank E. Butler

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