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Longtown was a predominantly African American settlement in Darke County that included people of African, European, and American Indian ancestry. The population included many freed or runaway slaves. With the establishment of a vocational school known as the Union Literary Institute, Longtown created an opportunity for African Americans to become land-owning farmers, craftsmen, skilled workers, and professionals during a period when slavery and racism were prevalent.  This settlement was located in German, now Liberty Township, which lies close to the Indiana border.  “Beginning in 1822, the Longtown settlers became the forerunners of a class of stable land-owning farmers, craftsmen, skilled workers and professionals with the kind of pride, self-respect, perseverance, ambition and achievement that any American community would be proud to have in their midst.”  Prominent family names from that area are Leavell, McCown, Epps, Jett, Bass, Patterson, Goens, Collins, Carpenter and Clemens.  Authors are Professor Donald M. Royer and Harry W. Leavell from Richmond, Indiana.


This softbound revised edition was published in 2003 and contains 56 pages including photographs, maps, and drawings.  The book measures 8½” by 11”. 

Longtown Settlement, Darke County Ohio

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