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Artist: Greenville Native, Don Mong

The settlement was first settled in 1822 by James Clemens, a free-born African-American, and his family. The settlement was  probably named after a blacksmith named Long, therefore Longtown. The settlement grew to about 900 people in the 19th century but by the 1980s had dwindled to less than 200 residents. It was a tri-racial community that included black, Native American, and white families. Several family names with Longtown roots include Bass, Clemens, Epps, and Jett. The Clemens homestead still stands on Stingley road. Other points of interest in the area include the Bethel Wesleyan Church, a community building [Longtown School #4] and the Bass and Clemens Cemeteries.

Longtown (Clemens Homestead) Notecard

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