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This book was one of the first counties in Ohio to be published by the Arphax Publishing Co.  The book contains the land patents found by author, Gregory A. Boyd, J.D., in searching the General Land Office of the Bureau of Land Management public databases.  As the land patents were recorded by congressional townships, a small portion of the western edge of Miami County is also included.  The book is broken into 3 sections:  part I-includes the counties in the state of Ohio, cities & towns within the county, county cemeteries, and surnames of land patent holders within the county; part II-includes an every name index of patents for each township, a land patent map, road map, and historical map for each township; and the appendices-A [Congressional Authority enabling Patents within the Maps], B [Section-Parts] and C [Multi-patentee groups]. This softbound, contains 208 pages and measures 9” by 11”. Photo is of the old spiral bound edition.

Family Maps of Darke County Ohio

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