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Talented Clubs Deck the Halls of Garst Museum for Christmas

The spirit of joy and merriment at the Garst Museum is abundant as we step into this holiday month of December. Thanks to the talent and design skills of the area organizations, nearly every room within the museum showcases a cleverly embellished evergreen tree. Almost a Christmas tradition in its own rite, every November the clubs tote in their bins and baskets of tinsel, garland, bulbs, and festive details to dress the year’s trees. The Butterflies Junior Garden Club wove yards of red and black plaid ribbon through the boughs of their cottage tree; the Lady Bugs Garden Club sprinkled woodland critters and sprigs of lofty cotton in their shabby chic forest tree; the Wildflower Garden Club unveiled an elegant showstopper in the front parlor—a towering tree dripping with the colors of gold and burgundy. The Annie Oakley Center Foundation’s tree embraces the spirit of Little Sure Shot by displaying framed miniature photographs of Annie and pint-sized gold trophy cup ornaments. Accompanying the Annie Oakley tree is a basket filled with copies of cards sent by Annie through the years that visitors are welcomed to take as a souvenir.

The DAR tree in the upstairs of the Garst House looks especially patriotic this year wrapped with red, white, and blue ribbon. Upstairs guests will also find another tree—a slender pine with colorful lights, metallic foil garland, and plumes of American Flags—decorated by the VFW Axillary. Last but not least, with special thanks to a museum board member, the Americana room tree looks charming and homespun due to the collection of nostalgic homemade animal ornaments worked into its branches.

We encourage you to visit the Garst Museum through the month of December to enjoy these unique and festive Christmas trimmings.


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