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Garst Museum Elves Design Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Who knew that the staff members at the Garst Museum were secretly the craftiest of little elves tasked with making certain the museum was stocked with historically and educationally inspired gifts for this festive season of giving?

Elf #1 Geraldine searched intently for the perfect jigsaw puzzle—a patriotic beauty that creates a fascinating study of the flags of America.

Myrtle, better known as Elf #2, eagerly gathered a collection of excellent books that illuminate the significant place in history that Ohio holds.

Edwina, the #3 elf, desperately wanted to offer a litter of puppies this year but was luckily convinced that the cuddly plush toys of “Dave”—Annie Oakley’s beloved dog—was a wiser route to take.

Last but not least, the #4 elf, Grumpy Stan, acquired an impressive range of Annie Oakley offerings—exceptional books, portraits, mugs for your morning coffee, stickers, and more.

The elves are exhausted but couldn’t be happier (except for Grumpy Stan) with the Historic Holiday Pop-Up Shop they’ve stocked in the Garst Museum. Drop in, get inspired, and discover the gifts you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else! The Garst Museum is open Tuesday—Saturday from 10 am—4 pm.


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