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“Fallen Timbers” May 7, 2024

Garst does not have a Johnny Appleseed exhibit…but we could really use his legendary help now—and yours!


The EF1 tornado that hit Greenville on May 7 destroyed many trees along Broadway, including those magnificent century-old beauties by the Garst House.  Insurance will cover the cost to remove the fallen trees that impacted the buildings and repair structural damage, but other removal and replanting are at the expense of the Museum and the Darke County Historical Society.


When disaster strikes, you wonder how to help.  In this case, you can purchase or renew a membership to Garst Museum and The National Annie Oakley Center. In addition to our utmost gratitude, your annual membership will include free access to the Museum and the Research Center, a 10-percent discount in the Museum Store, and the newsletter that contains information about the new exhibits, acquisitions, and events. Yes, even amidst this devastating setback to the Museum’s grounds, we are negotiating through the Annie Oakley Center Foundation to acquire fascinating new Annie artifacts from a private source. These potential donors, who traveled a considerable distance to come to Greenville, were given a tour of the Museum and the Annie Oakley Center by flashlight during the power outage caused by the tornado! We put our best foot forward even in the dim times.


You can help plant the seeds for new growth with your membership dollars. There are several options for memberships including individual and family memberships.  For more information, visit the Museum, call us at 937-548-5250, or log on to

The timbers have fallen, but your generosity will help regrow the beauty of Garst Museum and Broadway for years to come.


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