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A Penny for Your Thoughts…

And any of four images associated with Darke County! Yes, you can add to your collection of smashed pennies from the Empire State Building, Cedar Point, the Kennedy Space Center, and the Christmas Story House—or start a new one. The Annie Oakley Center Foundation is presenting a penny press machine to Garst Museum that features four distinctive choices of images. You will have a hard time selecting between a portrait of Annie Oakley with the nickname of “Little Sure Shot” given to her by Chief Sitting Bull, the image of the Annie Oakley statue in our Annie Oakley Memorial Park, the 1975 Treaty of Greene Ville, and the Great Darke County Fair logo! And why select just one? For $2.04, you can have a complete collection of all four! Any of these images would make a special surprise gift for someone who has moved away from Darke County, fun stocking stuffers for the holidays, or party favors. Pretty cool, to say the least. And, you can create a wearable wristband when you put your souvenir penny into the Pennybandz that are sold in the Museum Store.

Stop by Garst Museum and have the fun of turning the crank to send your pennies through the penny pincher! You can experience the excitement of crushing your pennies without having to pay admission to the museum. The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Photo Captions:

Shown with the new penny press machine are Nancy Cooper, Director of the Annie Oakley Foundation, and Dr. Clay Johnson, the CEO/President of the Garst Museum. The machine was donated by the Annie Oakley Center Foundation to the Museum.


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