• The Garst Museum

Fall and Winter 2020/2021 Speaker Series

We hope to bring back our Speaker Series starting in October 2021

  • October 20, 2019, at 2:00 pm: “A Greene Ville Map 1793”

  • November 10, 2019, at 2:00 pm: A special Veterans Day program focusing on the end of World War I with featured speaker Dr. Jonathan Winkler of Wright State University.

  • February 23, 2020, at 2:00 pm: Moving off the Farm and Trying to Stay Amish with Susan Trollinger, Ph.D.

  • Rescheduled: The Other Trail of Tears: The Removal of the Ohio Indians with Mary Stockwell, Ph.D.

*Support for the Garst Lecture series comes, in part, from the Stephens Foundation.